[i2c] Adaptive adapter name?

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Nov 2 09:11:26 CET 2006

Hi Till,

On 10/31/2006, Till Harbaum wrote:
> as you perhaps saw in my last mail, i named my adapter "i2c-tiny-usb at
> bus 004 device 011" where bus 004 device 011 is the place where the
> device is connected on the usb tree. I thought this would be nice to be
> able to distinguish multiple of these devices (i haven't tested that
> yet).

I like it. Most of our adapter names include some address in their name
for that purpose.

> Unfortunately this makes lm_sensors loose the configuration if i unplug
> and replug the device sind the device number will then increase.

That's a significant difference with the other drivers, for which the
address never changes.

> How can this nicely be handled? Or should i just ignore the usb address
> and all interfaces of the same kind show up with the same name?

No, including the address in the name sounds like a good idea, please
keep it that way.

Can you explain exactly what you do mean by "lm_sensors looses the
configuration"? Are you using bus statements in your configuration
file? Otherwise the bus name is essentially informative and the change
shouldn't canse any problem.

Jean Delvare

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