[i2c] Adaptive adapter name?

Till Harbaum till at harbaum.org
Sat Nov 11 21:12:25 CET 2006


On Saturday 11 November 2006 15:57, Jean Delvare wrote:
> A few comments about this page:
This is very welcome, thanks!

> * Please don't link to http://www.lm-sensors.org/ as being the home of
> the Linux i2c framework. The i2c development happens in the kernel
> directly now and there is no separate site dedicated to this.
From the lm_sensors page:
This site also hosts the Linux I2C project files; I2C packages and the I2C 
Subversion server access are available on our download page.

> Likewise, at the end of the page, please strip the "incl. the I2C
> project", it is no longer true.
But anyway, i'll delete these parts. 

> * Missing word in this sentence:
> "The whole device a so called bus powered device."

> * The sample output of "sensors" isn't properly encoded for the page
> charset, which causes the degree symbol to be garbled.
Oops, that's true.

> * "high voltage serial programming (hsvp)" -> That would be hvsp?

> I don't have any kind of electronics equipment, so I wouldn't be able
> to re-program the device :(
You won't even be able to program it the first time. So yes, you'll need 
either someone with the necessary hardware or someone willing to sell you a 
preprogrammed cpu. Both shouldn't be too hard to find.

As always: You won't need any firmware updates as long as the device works for 
you. I e.g. installed the depicted prototype in my servers enclosure which 
was the primary reason for building it. It's already outdated, but it works 
well as a temperature sensor and i will not update it soon. Nor will i 
install the latest i2c-tiny-usb driver. 

> How much would these cost?
I don't know. I will do this at very low quantity which means that the pcb 
will be quite expensive. I hope to be able to offer the set (pcb and cpu) for 
EUR 10. But i am not sure about that.


Dr.Ing. Till Harbaum <till at harbaum.org>

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