[i2c] sensors won't launch

HALM Mathieu mathieu.halm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 16:12:29 CET 2006

Hi ,

I install the last ubuntu 6.10
The kernel is  2.6.17-10

I have a problem to launch sensors

I launched sensors-detect without problem

the result of sensor-detect is :

#----cut here----
# I2C adapter drivers
# I2C chip drivers
#----cut here----

I put these lines in my /etc/module files
I loaded them and can see the 2 modules in lsmod

But when I launched sensors, I got this error message :

Can't access procfs/sysfs file
Unable to find i2c bus information;
For 2.6 kernels, make sure you have mounted sysfs and libsensors
was compiled with sysfs support!
For older kernels, make sure you have done 'modprobe i2c-proc'!

/sys is well mounted

I m not sure if I have the sysfs support in my kernel (I don't how to check
this) but I believed it should ok in the 2.6 kernel

Thanks for your help,


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