[i2c] i2c-pport with kernel 2.6.X

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Tue Apr 17 18:39:06 CEST 2007

Bonjour Pierre,

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 14:37:50 +0200, pierre demanax wrote:
> Is there a way to add the i2c-pport module into a 2.6.x kernel ?
> I found a file from rudolf marek (  i2c-pport for kernel 2.6.X 
> http://assembler.cz/), but that files doesn't compile on my system i got the 
> following error :
> error: linux/config.h: no such file or directory
> error: unknown field 'mdelay' specified in initializer
> ....
> I am using a 2.6.20 kernel self compiled. Apparently the i2c-algo-bit.h 
> coming with this kernel is not the latest version, and doesn't contain the 
> mdelay deifnition.

No. By definition, i2c-algo-bit.h in the vanilla kernel tree is the
latest version. Your problem here is that the code you picked from
Rudolf's website is out-of-tree and not maintained.

It shouldn't be hard to fix either, simply delete the two offending

> SO is there a good, clean way to add that module?
> I would be please to have some help from i2c community.

I don't want to another i2c-over-parallel-port driver to the kernel
tree. We already have i2c-parport, which supports 7 different pin
wiring combinations. Whatever i2c-pport does, this should be added as a
new type to the i2c-parport driver. If this isn't possible, someone
will have to explain to me why exactly.

Jean Delvare

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