[i2c] i2c-pport with kernel 2.6.X

pierre demanax baddemanax at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 11:29:36 CEST 2007

Hi jean,

Many thanks for those explanation, now i understand why some of those files 
didn't match those of my kernel source.

I did further investigation about i2c over parallel port as it doesn't work 
yet on my system. I managed to get a scope and I tried to monitor signal on 
my port.
Actually I get NO HW activity on the port ( i tried i2cpport, as well as 
i2c-parport with different pining, with the i2cdetect or sensors-detect 

Then I installed a parallel printer with appropriate drivers to check if the 
port is well working :-). That part work.

I guess i am doing something wrong.

Next I summarize what I do in order to use the i2c over // port, maybe 
someone could correct me:

I self compiled my kernel which is a 2.6.20 ( I included all the i2c package 
in the make menuconfig)
Then I did an apt-get install lm-sensors. ( my system is a debian sarge with 
a new kernel)
Next I added the i2c_pport from rudolf marek, That i compiled with the help 
of the i2c-community.

In order to use the i2c , i modprobe manually the following ones:
modprobe i2c-algo-bit
modprobe i2c-dev
insmod i2c-pport.ko ( modprobe doesn't work for that one) OR
modprobe i2c-parport type=1 ....

then I do i2cdetect 0  and also sensors-detect
In the latter there is a message to detect sensors on the primitive parallel 
port or the parallel port that give me the impression the driver is well 

During the detection i used the scope on the pining refered in the 
documentation. But on my system there are no activities ?

Did i forget something ?


>From: Jean Delvare <khali at linux-fr.org>
>To: "pierre demanax" <baddemanax at hotmail.com>
>CC: i2c at lm-sensors.org
>Subject: Re: [i2c] i2c-pport with kernel 2.6.X
>Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 12:08:55 +0200
>Hi Pierre,
>On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 17:47:51 +0200, pierre demanax wrote:
> > But I dont really get the point as I am using the kernel 2.6.20 which is
> > supposed to include the latest i2c package.
>No. It doesn't "include" the latest i2c package. It _is_ the latest i2c
>If the "latest i2c package" you refer to is the i2c subversion
>repository hosted at lm-sensors.org, it is meant for Linux 2.4. It has
>nothing to do with the i2c code in the latest Linux 2.6 kernel. And it
>is in maintenance mode, no further development is made on that branch.
> > But if I look at the source code
> > of this kernel for eg the i2c_bit_del_bus is not defined in the 
>algo_bit.* (
> > i looked at my /usr/src/linux folder as the
> > /lib/modules/2.6.20/source/include/linux)
> >
> > So I look at the i2c-2.10.2 package where it is well defined. So I am 
> > up. Am I wrong or did I choose the wrong kernel version ? I am a bit 
>Your confusion comes from the fact that you assume that functions and
>symbols are only added over time. i2c_bit_del_bus was _removed_
>recently from Linux 2.6 recently because it wasn't needed. Same for the
>mdelay field, it was removed because it wasn't used anywhere. A lot of
>cleanups have been done to the i2c subsystem in Linux 2.6 over the past
>few years.
>Jean Delvare

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