[i2c] Where do all the patches go?

Nishanth Menon menon.nishanth at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 02:38:59 CEST 2007

Hi Jean,

Am not sure if this question has been asked before.. but checking the
archives and the FAQs did not help me :(.

What is the development procedure for i2c developers?
a) Patches such as David's patch which provide intrusive changes.
b) Minor updates/patches to the rest of drivers (adapters, chips etc).

I do see pending patches being kept here:
http://khali.linux-fr.org/devel/linux-2.6/jdelvare-i2c/ . This I believe
applies for (a) and (b). I suppose if a patch in the list ends up here,
we can assume it is "accepted" for mainline?

However, am not clear on which git tree is the first recipient for the
patches so that some dim blokes like me can start pulling the latest
code base (SVN repo I believe is 2.4 kernel only)? I suppose all trees
finally end up in Linus's tree.. but then, which is the first kernel
which includes the patches(I cant find something like a i2c git tree - I
dont think it exists..)?

Further how about the lm_sensor tools..i2cdump etc.. do the
"corresponding" version remain in svn for the latest (kernel+patches in
khali website)?

Pre-emptive apologies on this fundamental question..

Nishanth Menon

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