[i2c] Is review of AT91 patch pending?

arasv at magtech.com.au arasv at magtech.com.au
Thu Oct 4 11:42:30 CEST 2007

> Hi
> I'm glad it wasn't removed because I have interesting news.
> The last couple of days I've done some further enhancements and actually
> been able to boost the AT91 bus driver a great deal. I'm currently
> running in 100 kHz, even with a highly loaded cpu. (And it can do 200
> kHz with light load). It's still highly experimental though, very ugly
> and useful for AT91RM9200 only.

Please send me what you have and I can do some tests on it. I am currently in
the middle of doing i2c work, so I am ready to go.


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