[i2c] [PATCH] Move the definition of pr_err() into kernel.h

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at computergmbh.de
Sat Sep 15 10:57:08 CEST 2007

On Sep 12 2007 12:59, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
>> Other pr_*() macros are already defined in kernel.h, but pr_err() was defined
>> multiple times in several other places
>> Signed-off-by: Emil Medve <Emilian.Medve at Freescale.com>
>pr_error seems better than pr_err
>Please add the full set:
>	pr_alert
>	pr_critical
>        pr_error
>        pr_warn
>        pr_notice

I repeat to be totally against this.

(1) You are trying to add pr_*(fmt, arg) as a lazy shorthand for 
printk(KERN_* fmt, arg...) and

(2) do not seem to notice that pr_debug() changes its behavior 
depending on -DDEBUG, which pr_alert() etc. do not, so there
is IMHO no point (that includes the already existing pr_info()).
Why not just obsolete printk() altogether then?

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