[i2c] MAX1236 with smbus (CS5536 ACB0)

Andreas Seidler tetzlav at leipzig.freifunk.net
Wed Oct 15 15:06:22 CEST 2008

Jonathan Cameron schrieb:
> Andreas Seidler wrote:
>> Jonathan Cameron schrieb:
>>> A driver that should work with this chip is part of the
>>> iio subsystem, so I have a fair bit of familiarity (though
>>> only via 1238 rather than this exact model)
>> I found this subsystem too and its promising, but it depends on RTC with
>> periodic Interupts - and most of embedded hardware lacks of such RTCs.
> In current code periodic interrupts are only required if you want to use
> a polled ring buffer.  This is now a Kconfig option and if you turn it off
> you'll still have sysfs type interfaces for reading directly from the
> device.

if i disable "timer support within iio" and RTC-support in kernel i get
ERROR: "rtc_irq_set_state" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "rtc_class_open" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "rtc_irq_unregister" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "rtc_irq_register" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "rtc_irq_set_freq" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "rtc_class_close" [drivers/industrialio/industrialio.ko] undefined!

my .config:
# CONFIG_IIO_TIMERS is not set
# Accelerometers
# Analog to digital convertors
# Inertial Measurement Units
# CONFIG_ADIS16350 is not set

or do i get something wrong?

> A direct chrdev access to 'scan' the device is on the todo list,
> but isn't there yet.
> Hopefully (after fighting with git this afternoon) I should shortly have
> a repository up so its easier for people to get the current code and to
> send patches against it.

sounds good!


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