Urgent lm_sensor question. System failure??

Gregory Gee gregg at playground.net
Tue Dec 18 01:29:50 CET 2001


Abit BP6 with dual Celeron 400
Redhat 7.2
lm_sensor 2.5.5
/sbin/modprobe i2c-isa
/sbin/modprobe i2c-piix4
/sbin/modprobe w83781d
/sbin/modprobe eeprom

  Now, I have a quick question about what lm_sensor does.  Does it only read
data or does it also control the fans?  The reason is that recently I have been
getting sensor alarms about my Vcore and also my CPU fans have been individually
turning on, off and slowing down.  Is lm_sensors doing this or is there a major
CPU or motherboard problem.


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