Fujitsu/Siemens PC

Mark D. Studebaker mds at
Wed Dec 19 00:44:33 CET 2001

Now we need donation of a SCSI card and disk :)

phil at wrote:
> BTW- The PC we got from Fujitsu/Siemens has a bad mobo, I think.  The
> IDE channels are really flakey, and after a couple days, the Bios
> couldn't detect anything on the IDE channels any more (I tried
> different cables, drives, power supply, etc.).  The PC looked like it
> had been repackaged a number of times and shipped around.  It probably
> was returned to them as a faulty machine, and eventually made its way
> to us.  Oh well.  At least there is the case, RAM, CPU, power supply,
> etc. which I can probably recycle into a new box.

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