W83697HF or VT8233 (or not?)

Bruce Miller docmad at md.prestige.net
Tue Oct 30 17:02:38 CET 2001

Mark D. Studebaker wrote:

> Your 83697 must be on the isa bus so you don't need
> the CVS version of i2c-viapro to access it.
> To force on the isa bus use the special bus number 9191:
> 'modprobe w83781d force_w83697hf=9191,0xXXX' where
> XXX is probably 290 but check the output of sensors-detect
> to see where it found it.

Ah, thanks!

After a couple of days (and since I ended up having to load some
cvs modules to get my Audigy card somewhat working; Ah, life on
the bleedin' edge :>),  I went ahead and loaded the i2c & lm_sensors
CVS modules.

It did give me some more info to work with, and now I can look at
my eeproms (I dont know why, but...).  But perhaps I was misled
or misinterpreted the `more info' !  It seemed to indicate I should
   modprobe w83781d force_w83627hf=0,0x69
which _did_ give me apparent sensors output, but all the numbers
were nonsense, eg, the fan was running at an impressive 37500 rpm!
Wow! and all min & max were the same as the values.....

I just tried your suggestion (and indeed 290 is where sensors-detect
had found the chip) [I could have sworn that I tried this before...]
At any rate, now I'm getting mostly sensible (see below)

A few inputs I'm pretty sure aren't hooked up (fan2,fan3,temp3, Vcore2?)
A couple of others look worrisome (VCore1, +3.3V, -12V, -5V), but
perhaps the conversion parameters need tweeking for the w83697hf ?

If anybody knows the needed tweaks, I'd appreciate it; otherwise, I'll
eventually grope around and try to figure it out.

At any rate, I'm much closer;  Thanks!!!

Adapter: ISA adapter
Algorithm: ISA algorithm
VCore 1:   +1.77 V  (min =  +1.23 V, max =  +1.36 V)
VCore 2:   +0.00 V  (min =  +1.23 V, max =  +1.36 V)
+3.3V:     +1.52 V  (min =  +3.13 V, max =  +3.45 V)
+5V:       +4.89 V  (min =  +4.72 V, max =  +5.24 V)
+12V:     +12.39 V  (min = +10.79 V, max = +13.19 V)
-12V:      +1.95 V  (min = -10.90 V, max = -13.21 V)
-5V:       +0.61 V  (min =  -4.76 V, max =  -5.26 V)
V5SB:      +5.58 V  (min =  +4.72 V, max =  +5.24 V)
VBat:      +3.08 V  (min =  +2.40 V, max =  +3.60 V)
fan1:     4891 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)
fan2:        0 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)
fan3:        0 RPM  (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)
temp1:       +77°F  (limit = +140°F, hysteresis = +122°F) sensor = 
temp2:    +114.8°F  (limit = +140°F, hysteresis = +122°F) sensor = 
temp3:    +491.9°F  (limit = +492°F, hysteresis = +492°F) sensor = 
vid:      +1.30 V
alarms:   Chassis intrusion detection
           Sound alarm disabled

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