lm_sensor's ticket no. 839

Tomislav Greguric greguric at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Sun Apr 14 20:30:05 CEST 2002

Hello all,

I have an Asus A7A266-E motherboard, too, and would like to add my 2
cents to the problem described in ticket 839

1. the Asus A7A266-E uses an AS99127F for hardware monitoring
   (=> modprobe w83781d force_as99127f=0,0x2d)

2. the board uses the ALI M1535D+ South Bridge. I guess that some
   registers have moved or the initialization changed slightly
   compared to the plain M1535 chip, so this is probably the reason
   for the errors I and other owners of this board get:
   | [...] kernel: i2c-ali1535.o: Error: command never completed

Feel free to contact me for further questions or if I can help you in
any way!


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