lm_sensors and Solaris 8

Mark Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Tue Apr 16 21:08:50 CEST 2002

sure, why not, please send it to us.

Jean-Marien Despatin wrote:
> Bonjour.
> I have made at office an harness for lm_sensors with
> Solaris 8. It is restricted to Asus mother boards, ie
> CUV4X with "well" documented AS99127F. This is sufficient
> for what we need.
> I say an harness, because there is no change in the
> source file, they are just included whith #define
> and some glue for Solaris.
> This is also a dirty work, but may be not without interrest.
> the 1st one is to take care of a new version without
> big change.
> Tell me if you want it.
> Jean-Marien Despatin
> PS. I have not say that, but you know that: lm_sensors is
> a very big work, thanks for it.

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