Asus as99127f temp2 compute notice

Marcus Wellhard wellhard at
Wed Apr 17 11:07:57 CEST 2002


Thanks for a great package!

I have a ASUS-A7V333 Motherboard with an Athlon xp 1800+ processor. I
am using the i2c-viapro bus driver and the w83781d chip driver forced
to as99127f (modprobe w83781d force_as99127f=0,0x2d). The lm_sensors
package is compiled from cvs. I have compared the cpu-temperature
between the lm75 and the w83781d driver. I have noticed that the
compute line for as99127f/temp2 in /etc/sensors.conf is wrong for my
motherboard. If I change it from:

  compute temp2 (@*30/43)+25, (@-25)*43/30


  compute temp2 @*2, @/2

it matches almoust exactely with the output from lm75. Unfortunately
the half degrees become 0.1 degrees less, for example 62.4 and not 62.5.

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