call for 2.6.5 soon

Jean Delvare khali at
Tue Aug 6 23:31:04 CEST 2002

> I've finished the dmi_scan module and also copied the dmidecode
> program to prog/detect. And I added it to the install target so it
> would be available to sensors-detect.
A good idea indeed.

> At this point the easiest thing to do in sensors detect may be
> to do (please translate this mess to perl)
> system(dmidecode) | "some code that will grep for 'System Information
> Block\n\t\tVendor: IBM'"
Sounds insecure to me, but I wouldn't be considered paranoid. I am not
sure we should accept relying on an external program for something of
such importance. Some future changes to dmidecode could have disastrous
consequences, not even talking about malicious coders using this
weakness with some odd intentions. Maybe it is possible to make it
secure enough for most could-possibly-happen cases.

Anyway, I had a look at dmidecode by Alan. I read and understood
everything it does, and I think it wouldn't be that hard to do the same
directly in Perl. It would of course need more time than for the
system() thing suggested above. Really depends wether we prefer (secure
+ efficient) or (quick + no code duplication). I personally opt for the
first, but am open to any opinion. A solution may be to be quick at
first, and back to the secure way later. Depends on the deadline we
have, if we have one?

Jean "Khali" Delvare

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