Please add me to the mailing list again

Michael Hunold hunold-ml at
Fri Dec 13 08:35:11 CET 2002

Hello Philip, hello Mark, hello Kyösti,

please add me to the i2c and sensors mailing lists again.

I've been working on integrating various drivers to the 2.5.x kernel 
series, which all make use of the i2c subsystem.

With the latest kernels and the changes to the module loader by Rusty 
Russell, some problems have popped up that I like to discuss on the 
mailing list.

In case you don't remember me: I'm the author of the saa7146 driver 
(used on video hardware) and have written several i2c helper modules for 
different chipsets (tda9840, tea6415c, tea6420, ...)


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