mkpatch testing...

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun Dec 15 04:23:28 CET 2002

FYI, Hearing no objections, I just submitted the Freshmeat update.
Let's try and figure out why the ali's arent' compiling in a mkpatched kernel.

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>the trouble is that 'make install' on the i2c side puts the headers in
>>/usr/local/include... Especially now that we are requiring an upgrade
>>to i2c-2.7.0, if we don't point to the same place on i2c and
>>lm_sensors, then people couldn't compile i2c outside the kernel, they
>>would have to mkpatch...
> I definitely agree with this. As long as i2c installs to /usr/local by
> default, I think we should stick to looking for its headers at this
> place (at least if we choose to use a single default). Now, maybe some
> makefile or shell magic can let us know which headers to include. I have
> to admit that I didn't understand what the possibilities are and how to
> choose among them, but if you want to explain it to me, I can work on
> it.

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