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I have fixed this problem and everything is working fine. Thanks for the
response ...


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*found in my outbox.. Not sure if this is a duplicate..*
The actual chip is a Max 1617, I used the ADM1021 module with no errors
other than having to reset the default temps . The Defaults are/were too
and it would cause false thermal failures due to it resetting the chip

As a note Dell doesn't read the on chip diode we read all the temps thru
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I am making use of 2.4 GHZ Xeon CPUs. Do they have a adm1021 chip on it?
am using a adm1021.c driver and it cannot detect the adm1021 chip on the
processor. How do I use force_adm1021 when using the adm1021.c compiled
the kernel? 

Any help is appreciated ...

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