ASUS A7V333, ASB100(bach) must not be an as99127f

Ed Harrison ed.tman at
Thu Dec 19 06:09:19 CET 2002

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 23:20, Mark M. Hoffman wrote: 
> * Ed Harrison <ed.tman at> [2002-12-18 19:45:01 -0500]:
> > I have an ASUS A7V333 which definitely has the ASB100 chip (on $2d:
> > $58=31, $4f=06), not to be confused with as99127f or the w83781d,
> > although some functionalities are the same.  Your NEW AND REQUESTED CHIP
> > DRIVERS - STATUS states that the asb100(bach) is recognized as an
> > as99127f.  The as99127f and the asb100(bach) have different ID's and
> > behave differently because using w83781d force_as99127f is not working 
> Yes, we recognize the ASB100 (with different ID) but treat it like
> a as99127f.  This is working since 2.6.5; what version are you using?

Latest CVS 2.7.0.  I tried a hack from the archives at line 1282 of 2067
to change a long string beginning if (init & .......... to just
if(init).  Either way doesn't make a difference.  Now runnig with driver
from original w83781d.c.  Before 2.7.0 this would not have been true. 
The hack was necessary for the driver with force option to even load. 
Without force it loaded with really crazy numbers, several readings
remained at O.

I just left all the drivers loaded and ran mbmon and xmbmon=craziness;
HOWEVER, I ran gkrellm and all of a sudden the numbers look great. 
gkrellm has no corrections nor offsets in the configuration, although
they are recommended in the archives for temp calcs.  I had not taken
the time to set them until sensors -f was happy.  It still is not.

vcore 1 is within range but shows (ALARM)
+12V temp3 and fan3 (0 rpm) all show (beep)

> <cut>
> > fan2 rpm = CMOS rpm, which I do not get with xmbmon, nor have ever
> > gotten from sensors.
> Did you try FAQ 4.1.1?

Yep.  Nothing I tried gives me a reading for fan2.

> > If I modprobe the i2c and lm_sensors modules, mbmon and xmbmon start
> > giving me crazy numbers (for example CPU =145.1 F, up from 90.5 a few
> > moments before), as does sensors.
> > 
> > The only way to restore sensible numbers again is to reboot.  How Come?
> Looks like mbmon touches the hardware directly... that's equivalent to
> loading two drivers for the same hardware at once.  No suprise if they
> get in eachother's way.  You could try to "rmmod" our modules including
> i2c before you run mbmon... but even then I can't vouch for whatever state
> in which that program leaves the hardware.  Any error in lm sensors that
> you notice after running mbmon is out of our hands.
If I run i2c and lm sensors first, both sensors and mdmon give bad


If I run mbmon first, I get reasonable numbers until I quit it and
modprobe all your modules.(After more tests, i2c drivers -dev -core
-proc -viapro DO NOT cause the problem.  Only after w83781d
force_as..... do the numbers go nuts.  Let them run a while.  rmmod all
of them and start mbmon=crazy numbers mentioned before.  I think it is
touching ASB100 as if it were an as99127f that does the job on the

> > I was going to try to hack w83781d.c into something useable, but alas I
> > am too dumb.  I offer what I know about this chip in hopes one of you
> > can do it, maybe as a force_asb100=0,0x2d option to w83781d.
> <cut, as99127f vs asb100>
> > Temp sensor 4: $17 on ASB100 [AMD diode only it seems]
> Yes, another a7v333 user mentioned this previously.  I thought he might
> eventually submit a patch?

Help me learn how to work on it and I will try.  I had a couple courses
in C program writing several years ago, but w83781d.c looks like Greek to me.
>   In the meantime, let's try to get everything
> else working for you.  To start with, make sure you have at least the
> 2.6.5 i2c & sensors packages.
> Regards,


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