ASUS A7V333, ASB100(bach) must not be an as99127f

Bertrik Sikken bertrik at
Thu Dec 19 21:44:06 CET 2002

Mark M. Hoffman wrote:

> * Ed Harrison <ed.tman at> [2002-12-18 19:45:01 -0500]:
>> I was going to try to hack w83781d.c into something useable, but alas I
>> am too dumb. I offer what I know about this chip in hopes one of you
>> can do it, maybe as a force_asb100=0,0x2d option to w83781d.
> <cut, as99127f vs asb100>
>> Temp sensor 4: $17 on ASB100 [AMD diode only it seems]
> Yes, another a7v333 user mentioned this previously. I thought he might
> eventually submit a patch? In the meantime, let's try to get everything
> else working for you. To start with, make sure you have at least the
> 2.6.5 i2c & sensors packages.
That might have been me. I put some info about the ASB100 chip at
but I had not planned to create a patch, but perhaps now is
a good time to start with it.


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