ASUS ASB1009(Bach)--Bravo!! Bravo!!

Bertrik Sikken bertrik at
Sun Dec 22 10:32:58 CET 2002

Ed Harrison wrote:

>I hate replying to myself, BUT
>I got the latest snapshot.  ASB100 loaded on insmod w83781d without a
>force_as99127f.  The readings are really good, including fan2--first
>time ever.
>Thank You.  I do not know who changed what, but good job.
>Being the picky type, I need to tweak the temp calculations, but they
>are very close, except temp3 which is the memory chip.  It stays static
>at 45.1 F, so I know it is wrong.  When I make progress, I will post.
>Thanks again to the authors.
How do you know that temp3 is the memory chip?
And what memory chip are you referring to?

On my board it also stays static (at 14.4 deg celcius, don't know
what that is in fahrenheit).


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