M. Roderic MacCallum mrodmac at enter.net
Thu Dec 26 22:19:28 CET 2002


I discovered your code after an unfortunate crapping out of my cpu fan 
over Thanksgiving. Fortunately I got to the machine in time and got it 
turned off, avoiding serious damage.

I installed a new fan and heat sink, then installed lm-sensors to keep 
an eye on things. I also, with the help of a couple of guys in my LUG 
(Lancaster Co.[PA] LUG), wrote a python script to monitor, and shutdown 
if necessary. I haven't had it running long, but it seems to work fine. 
I put the script in /sbin and run it from cron every 2 minutes.

I've attached the script so you guys can look at it, alter it or laugh 
at it and delete it  :)

Thanks for a great piece of software.

M. Roderic MacCallum
808 Center Rd.
Womelsdorf, PA 19567
mrodmac at comcast.net

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