remove 2.2 support?

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon Dec 30 09:47:50 CET 2002

> testing and fixing 2.2 support was a real pain at the end of the 2.7.0
> cycle. It also adds a lot of cruft in the drivers and adds to patch
> misery. What do you think of removing 2.2 support and making 2.7.0 the
> last 2.2-compatible release? For reference, we dropped 2.0 support in
> release 2.5.0, March 2000. mds

Though dropping support is something serious and I don't especially like
it, I think you're right. However, I'd prefer that we drop support only
on a .0 release. That way, there's still a possibility to release a fix
if something appears to go wrong. So, we'd better release the next
version as 2.8.0 if it doesn't support kernels 2.2, which will let us
have a 2.7.1 someday if the 2.7.0 release is to be known has having any
serious problem.

Any objection?

Jean Delvare

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