remove 2.2 support?

Philip Edelbrock phil at
Mon Dec 30 18:24:23 CET 2002

I don't think 2.2 support is very critical at this point.  I'm trying to 
imagine why people might be using 2.2.x kernels still, and I think it 
might be likely that they are running 2.2.x on older hardware with older 
installs.  In that case, keeping support for bleeding edge hardware 
drivers going for those kernels is not nessesary (if they are bothering 
to even keep things patched up).

Like what Jean suggests and Mark implies, let's call it 2.8.0 when we do it.


Jean Delvare wrote:

>>testing and fixing 2.2 support was a real pain at the end of the 2.7.0
>>cycle. It also adds a lot of cruft in the drivers and adds to patch
>>misery. What do you think of removing 2.2 support and making 2.7.0 the
>>last 2.2-compatible release? For reference, we dropped 2.0 support in
>>release 2.5.0, March 2000. mds
>Though dropping support is something serious and I don't especially like
>it, I think you're right. However, I'd prefer that we drop support only
>on a .0 release. That way, there's still a possibility to release a fix
>if something appears to go wrong. So, we'd better release the next
>version as 2.8.0 if it doesn't support kernels 2.2, which will let us
>have a 2.7.1 someday if the 2.7.0 release is to be known has having any
>serious problem.
>Any objection?

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