patches for i2c and lm_sensors

frodol at frodol at
Fri Feb 1 20:45:18 CET 2002

Jean Delvare wrote:
> About 2 months ago, I sent you (by "you", I mean someone from the
> i2c/lm_sensors project, I can't remember who) two patches, one for i2c,
> one for lm_sensors, that provided better compatibility with the latest
> 2.2.x kernels. I never heard back, and as my patches still work with the
> current CVS versions, I guess it was never applied.
> Even if I don't use any 2.2.x kernel right now, I'm a bit curious and
> would like to know what happend. Was my mail lost into deep space ? Or is
> there a particular reason the patches were not applied ?

It may well have been the deep-space option. About two month ago, I had
a massive disk crash. It may have been lost then.

If you still have the patches, and if they still are relevant, please
send them again.


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