2.5 integration

prom at berlin.ccc.de prom at berlin.ccc.de
Mon Feb 4 06:53:03 CET 2002

Hi list

i finally got some time to get a closer look at
your patch generation script and (after having
*some* problems with my first try to generate
patches for 2.5) have found that this isn't as
easy as i believed it would be. I just started
making patches manually, but this can't be a
solution for more than a few patches.

Although the current build system in 2.5 is
rather a hack to make life till arrival of
kbuild/CML2 easier, it would be a good idea
to rewrite mkpatch.pl to correctly handle
the new structure.

Also, i am asking myself how files like
i2c-ppc405.h should be handled. Did i miss
anything or are they completely unhandled
in the current mkpatch.pl configuration?


PS Please CC me for now. I'll send the second
subscription request to phil in a few minutes,
but until he responds...

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