eeprom driver

Jean Delvare delvare at
Mon Feb 4 18:44:08 CET 2002

> You know, I thought 57 was a funny address for your DIMM.  My guess is
> that it is something else, as you are thinking.  In the past, Xeon
> processors had a eeprom in them which appeared in addresses high like
> 57.
In case you want to know, the CPU is a Mobile Penium III 866 (with
SpeedStep technology, which make it operate at 500MHz when running on
battery.)  I may give you more information if you want (such as the output
of cat /proc/cpuinfo.)

> But, I'm still curious why only your first slot is detected and
> your second is not.  Anyways, thanks for the detective work thus far!
My pleasure.  I'm rather curious by nature.

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