GigaByte 7DXR (cleared)

Martin Stumpf stumpfm at
Tue Feb 5 06:30:16 CET 2002


> I have a GigaByte 7DXR Mainboard. With this board the lm-sensors do
> not work correctly.
Now I found a working module combination. I first have to load
i2c-isa then i2c-viapro and last via686a.

> The I2C-ViaPro is loaded and the LM80 and LM75.
My question is why does sensors-detect only finds LM80 and LM75 which
do not work correctly.

I don't know, whether this can be fixed?

P.S.: A friend with a NMC board had problems, too. He said
aensors-detect didn't find anything. And then after a while
he found the working combination i2c-isa, i2c-viapro, via686a.


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