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Jean Delvare delvare at
Tue Feb 5 19:52:06 CET 2002

> The 0x57 eeprom is clearly set up for some non-volatile storage on the
> motherboard. I see a lot of ASCII numbers and letters; At row E0, for
> example, is "11/15/01 13:26:37"
> This answers your second question.

Well done :)

You're perfectly right.

I modified i2cdump so that is shows a "string" version of the data, and it
is now clear to me that 0x57 is used to "identify" the laptop.  I could
find the model name and serial number, among other things.

I am writing a perl script right now, to show what I understood from this
eeprom.  It's called and could take place with phil's in eeprom/, I guess.  I would like to get in touch with
other Vaio users, to have more than just my eeprom to do the job.

So, three things I could actually add to the project :

1* The modifications I made to the eeprom driver, so that it shows 256
bytes instead of 128.  It is required for the Vaio eeprom.  Maybe we could
move to a device-specific length (for exemple, still limit to 128 if we
recognise a DIMM module.)  I don't know how accurate it can be, so we may
need to discuss this a bit.

2* The enhancement I made to i2cdump.

3* The script itself.

If the script gives good results on more than just my machine, maybe we
could consider adding the vaio eeprom decoding to sensors itself.

Work is still in progress anyway, any comments welcome.

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