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I don't see a bus driver listed.  In order to communicate with your
chip (a GL518SM, I presume), you need a i2c bus driver which supports
your hardware installed.  Assuming you have a PIIX4, a good start
might be to insmod i2c-piix4.  Good luck!


On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 09:18:15AM +0100, Franssens wrote:
> I'm having quit some difficulties with lm-sensors.
> Everything, including installing and compiling worked great,
> but now it doesn't seem to recognize my gl518sm detectors.
> when I modprobe that module,
> and then perform a "sensors -s", it says; no sensors found!.
> But it really IS listed on your supported hardware page.
> some help:
> motherboard: FullYes (82440lx), pentiumII 300HMz, 96MB RAM.
> lsmod:
> Module                  Size  Used by
> gl518sm                 8096   0  (unused)
> i2c-proc                6064   0  [gl518sm]
> i2c-dev                 3712   0
> i2c-core               13328   0  [gl518sm i2c-proc i2c-dev]
> the problem was, that sensordetect did not detect that gl518sm,
> but a piix4 an an eeprom.
> The only output sensors would give me then, was some info from eeprom,
> NOT voltages or fans etc.
> then I manually tried to modprobe gl518sm, with success. (as you can see)
> but unfortunately;
> sensors -s now says: no sensors found!
> can you help me?
> thnx!
> Anne

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