eeprom driver

Jean Delvare delvare at
Wed Feb 6 01:24:21 CET 2002

> I think all three we could use if you would like to submit patches.
I will.

> On 1), what I kept meaning to do but never did, can you rename the
> /proc names from "0-15", for example, to "00" or "00-0F" or "0x00-0x0F"
> or something similar, so that when you "cat *" at least the results
> come out in the right alphabetical order?
> That's bitten me more than once...
I agree.  It makes things much more complicated for everyone, even if
"ls -v" can help for this particular point.

Anyway, I won't modify that unless anyone agrees.  I'm rather new to this
project and this ain't a decision I can make alone.  If I am the one who
decides, I would even remove the heading "data" and remove the end
address, since it can be deduced from the start address.  I would have
something like that :


Now, I don't know everything about the needs of everyone, so I'd like to
know what people think about it.  What's sure is that it would require to
rewite some utils, such as the dimms decoder.

So, please, everyone let me know if it is a good idea or not.

(Anyway, it does *note* need to be changed right now.  I can submit my
patches and wait some time that we all agree if a change in the file names
is a good thing or not.)

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