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BTW- If it saves effort, you could access the eeprom's more directly
through the /dev/i2c* interface.  You wouldn't be dependant on the
eeprom module that way, although you would need to be careful not to
accidentially write data to the eeprom.  See prog/dump/i2c-dump.c for
an example, and then look at the eeprom.c driver for the i2c sequence
to read a value from eeprom (it's a write [to set the address pointer
in eeprom memory] followed by a read, I think).


On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 01:24:21AM +0100, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > I think all three we could use if you would like to submit patches.
> I will.
> > On 1), what I kept meaning to do but never did, can you rename the
> > /proc names from "0-15", for example, to "00" or "00-0F" or "0x00-0x0F"
> > or something similar, so that when you "cat *" at least the results
> > come out in the right alphabetical order?
> > That's bitten me more than once...
> I agree.  It makes things much more complicated for everyone, even if
> "ls -v" can help for this particular point.
> Anyway, I won't modify that unless anyone agrees.  I'm rather new to this
> project and this ain't a decision I can make alone.  If I am the one who
> decides, I would even remove the heading "data" and remove the end
> address, since it can be deduced from the start address.  I would have
> something like that :
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/00
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/10
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/20
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/30
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/40
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/50
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/60
> eeprom-i2c-0-50/70
> Now, I don't know everything about the needs of everyone, so I'd like to
> know what people think about it.  What's sure is that it would require to
> rewite some utils, such as the dimms decoder.
> So, please, everyone let me know if it is a good idea or not.
> (Anyway, it does *note* need to be changed right now.  I can submit my
> patches and wait some time that we all agree if a change in the file names
> is a good thing or not.)
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