eeprom driver

Jean Delvare delvare at
Wed Feb 6 11:53:12 CET 2002

> BTW- If it saves effort, you could access the eeprom's more directly
> through the /dev/i2c* interface.  You wouldn't be dependant on the
> eeprom module that way, although you would need to be careful not to
> accidentially write data to the eeprom.  See prog/dump/i2c-dump.c for
> an example, and then look at the eeprom.c driver for the i2c sequence
> to read a value from eeprom (it's a write [to set the address pointer
> in eeprom memory] followed by a read, I think).

I certainly won't.  If we are to access the device directly, then it
wouldn't make sense to have a driver.  Anyway, my script is ready and
works with the current proc filenames, and it won't be hard to switch to
another naming scheme if required.

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