Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Thu Feb 7 04:03:46 CET 2002

It is probably on an I2C bus for which we do not support the driver.
See FAQ.

> A&A Computer Solutions wrote:
> hey!
> I have a Fullyes 82440LX motherboard, with a pentiumII 300MHz.
> I compiled i2c and lm-sensors with no problems (I guess).
> But unfortunately there is a problem :)
> On my motherboard there is an gl518sm sensor chip,
> which should be supported.
> Unfortunately sensors-detect only detects an eeprom, but not the
> gl518sm chip.
> When I modprobe gl518sm, it nicely adds the module,
> but then a "sensors -a" results in an: sensors not found!
> can you help please?
> if you need more info, just ask me,
> and I'll be happy to send it.
> greetz,
> Anne

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