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Anyone interested?  Let me know and I'll forward along the PDF's. 
Then, if you are willing to take a stab at it, I can ask Mary to send
you an eval board.


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Hi Phil

We have recently released the ADM1030/31 (temperature monitor and automatic
fan speed controller, the ADM1030 is a single channel version and the
ADM1031 is a dual channel version) and I was wondering if you would like to
include support for them on your Linux Drivers. I can send you an ADM1030
Eval Kit if you want to take a look at the part. I am including the
datasheet for the ADM1030 and the ADM1031 on this email. We have had some
customer interest in using these parts with Linux.

Thank you for all your support of our products in the past.

Thanks and Regards


Mary Burke
TSM Applications,
Analog Devices,
Tel: 353 - 61 - 495965
e-mail: mary.burke at analog.com

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