[mary.burke at analog.com: ADM1030/31 and Linux]

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Sat Feb 16 16:43:58 CET 2002

We've been tracking these and other AD chips on our
new drivers page 

If you ever see anything wrong on that page let us know.
I know it's hard for you to know when you're allowed to tell us,
but the best information you could give us is 
'Board mfr. xyz's new K5-9 board has a ADM1030 on it".
That helps us know where to put our driver efforts.

Also had a nice talk with your sales engineer
Mike Despiegler when he came by the office last week.

thanks for your support

phil at netroedge.com wrote:
> Anyone interested?  Let me know and I'll forward along the PDF's.
> Then, if you are willing to take a stab at it, I can ask Mary to send
> you an eval board.
> Phil
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> Hi Phil
> We have recently released the ADM1030/31 (temperature monitor and automatic
> fan speed controller, the ADM1030 is a single channel version and the
> ADM1031 is a dual channel version) and I was wondering if you would like to
> include support for them on your Linux Drivers. I can send you an ADM1030
> Eval Kit if you want to take a look at the part. I am including the
> datasheet for the ADM1030 and the ADM1031 on this email. We have had some
> customer interest in using these parts with Linux.
> Thank you for all your support of our products in the past.
> Thanks and Regards
> Mary
>  <<ADM1031_0.pdf>>
>  <<ADM1030_0.pdf>>
> Mary Burke
> TSM Applications,
> Analog Devices,
> Limerick,
> Ireland.
> Tel: 353 - 61 - 495965
> e-mail: mary.burke at analog.com
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