Problem: i2c-proc w/o sysctl support

Sebastian Brandt SBrandt at
Mon Feb 18 16:14:16 CET 2002

Dear Developers,
when I tried to use i2c and lm_sensors, it mysteriously failed for me - of
course, for me only, like usual.
Loading i2c-proc.o resulted in out-of-memory error, with the usual
modprobe/insmod explanation about wrong irqs or io ports. Looking at the
code an debugging, I found out that register_sysctl_table fails. Fittingly,
/proc/sys did not exist. Syctl-support was not compiled into the kernel.

If syctl is not supported, i2c-proc.c does not really do anything. Still, it
should either load silently and keep silent or check for CONFIG_SYSCTL=y
when compiling. None of the i2c-modules can live w/o it.

Sebastian Brandt

PS.: I hope this is not considered spam ....

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