Call to Developers, Testers, and Device Manufacturers

George X. Torres george at
Fri Feb 22 15:12:17 CET 2002

I was just checking up on the project, and I saw that you're looking to
support new devices.
I guess I would be a device manufacturer, as I designed and
constructed a prototype of an AMD Athlon XP thermal diode
reader with an SMBus interface using a Maxim 6657 IC.
I wrote a bit about my project here:

a friend of mine has also done a bit of work with his 6657 device here:

and here:

I'm writing mostly because I can't seem to get the proper support for the
6657 in windows.  Basic support, without all the nifty features that makes
the 6657 superior to the 1617a is all I've been able to get in the past 2
months.  Yet the 6657 still has a high resolution mode which I have been
unable to access, even though it would be quite useful to me.
It's now time to awaken the giant within the 6657.


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