Call to Developers, Testers, and Device Manufacturers

Mark D. Studebaker mds at
Wed Feb 27 04:44:33 CET 2002

interesting links.
We haven't had any requests for 6657 support;
but if you have any code you'd like to contribute
under GPL let us know.

"George X. Torres" wrote:
> I was just checking up on the project, and I saw that you're looking to
> support new devices.
> I guess I would be a device manufacturer, as I designed and
> constructed a prototype of an AMD Athlon XP thermal diode
> reader with an SMBus interface using a Maxim 6657 IC.
> I wrote a bit about my project here:
> a friend of mine has also done a bit of work with his 6657 device here:
> and here:
> I'm writing mostly because I can't seem to get the proper support for the
> 6657 in windows.  Basic support, without all the nifty features that makes
> the 6657 superior to the 1617a is all I've been able to get in the past 2
> months.  Yet the 6657 still has a high resolution mode which I have been
> unable to access, even though it would be quite useful to me.
> It's now time to awaken the giant within the 6657.
> George

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