LM Sensors Module ADM 1021 running on P4 Xeon (Foster) Procs (Del l Precision 530)

David_Papasan at Dell.com David_Papasan at Dell.com
Mon Jan 7 18:53:00 CET 2002

	We have a user running LM_Sensors under Linux 7.1 that is
experiencing thermal shutdowns at normal temperatures. The system is a Dell
Precision 530, P4 Xeon, Intel 860 Chipset, National Inst. PC87365 HW
monitoring. LM Sensors detects an Analog devices 1021, which would be fairly
accurate because the xeon's have Max 1617 chips on them. Dell's normal
monitor is that the Max monitors the chip, and works with the PC87365, the
bios has preset thermal limits ( 70C clock throttle, 90C Thermal warning and
shutdown counter set to 90second, 105C quickshutdown).

	What seems to be happening is 
1.) ADM1021 loads and resets temps to 20C warning, 60C shutdown
2.) If you run Sensors -c it sets the desired temperature on the Secondary
Proc, but leaves the Primary at 20C/60C.
3.) after 7 mins or so of 100% CPU utilization the system will do a dirty
shitdown and the bios indicates a thermal event was reported (even thou if
you monitor with Sensors the Temp only got to 60C)

I dont think sensors is handling the primary proc right in a dual CPU
situation because if I remove the second CPU Sensors is not seeing any of
the max chips. But if I dont load ADM 1021 the system will run at 100% CPU
without error.

Is there a module that will work with the PC87365 ? or a way to monitor 2
Max 1617 chips and set the temperature accordingly ?

Knickia Papasan
Dell Precision IPS

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