barry.fisher barry.fisher at seranoa.com
Fri Jan 18 21:48:55 CET 2002

I have been looking at you lm-sensors site, have download the
lm_sensors-2.6.2.tar.gz file and untarred everything and now I have a
question. I am tring to develop a very simple device driver for the lm75
device that we have as part of our product running on the 8260 ppc. I
was looking at your source as a place to get some ideas and have tried
to follow how the reads and writes work. It seems that everything boils
down to a i2c_master_send and i2c_master_recv. In these routines a call
is made to the
adap->algo->master_xfer routine. Now the stupid question..where does
this routine get set up. Is this something I have to supply? I just
don't seem to be seeing the forest for the trees and would appreciate
any hints whatsoever. Thanks!
Barry O. Fisher
Seranoa Networks
Email: barry.fisher at seranoa.com
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