2.5.x Conversion from i2c-old.h --> i2c.h (fwd)

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> Hello,
>     I'm in the process of converting the drivers located in 
> drivers/media/video/ from the old i2c interface (reference to i2c-old.h 
> which no longer exists in 2.5.x) to the current i2c interface. I believe 
> to have everything in place for the current i2c interface, expect fixing 
> up the (driver)_read() and (driver)_write_block() and (driver)_write() 
> functions. I'm hoping you could provide guidance on how to convert those 
> functions over. I was thinking about removing those completely and using 
> i2c_smbus_read_*() functions instead. Thoughts?
> I'm currently looking at drivers/media/video/saa7110.c (kernel version 
> 2.5.20). Thanks.
> Regards,
> Frank

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