as99127f chipset calculations

john nsx at
Tue Jun 25 01:56:47 CEST 2002

On the computer I've tested the lm_sensors package on, I have an asus a7a266
motherboard which has the as99127f hardware sensor chip.  Many of the
calculations in the example sensors.conf file provided are obviously
inaccurate.  The two which I have seemingly been able to improve are the cpu
temperature and cpu fan speed.  As simple as these calculations are, they
definitely coincide with the bios's readings, throughout a broader range
of temperatures and fan rpms.

compute fan1 @ - 3000 , @ + 3000
compute temp2 @ + 30 , @ - 30

Once again, just as you state in the example conf, it's guess work, but this
sure does seem to be a lot more accurate than the computations that were
thrown in there.  Hope this helps.

					-- John

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