Call for 2.6.3 soon

Mark Studebaker mds at
Thu Mar 7 19:11:19 CET 2002

last call for 2.6.3.....

"Mark D. Studebaker" wrote:
> It's been 3 months and the changelog is getting long.
> I'm not aware of anything pending.
> Let's target the last week of this month for a release.
> Any objections or pending submissions please let everyone know.
> Because we did not have any dependencies from lm-sensors 2.6.2
> on i2c-2.6.2, our users did not have to patch their kernel
> if they were at 2.4.13 or higher, and we have seen
> _much_ less installation problems in the last 3 months.
> We've kept the same
> dependency (i2c-2.6.1 or kernel-2.4.13) so hopefully
> this will be another smooth one.
> mds

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