ALiM1535D+ w/ i2c-ali1535.o: Error: command never completed

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun May 5 18:07:22 CEST 2002

haven't had any reports from others trying to force
so don't know what might be similar.
Let us know what you have the best luck with.
We've never signed an NDA.
If you can get a datasheet out of them without an NDA
that of course would be the big help.

ben at wrote:
> On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 12:51:23PM -0400, Mark Studebaker wrote:
>>#1 you probably don't have a LM78; see FAQ
> Ahh. lists the IWill XP333 mb as having a
> ALI M5879 sensor (knowing what I was looking for, I eventually found 
> this chip on my board). Alas, it is listed as 'not planned' in the driver 
> support table; a) is there a "similar" supported driver I could force, 
> b) is there anything I can do to help to get this driver supported?
> ALI's 'request' form for a datasheet wants to know about signing an NDA, 
> how has the lm-sensors project handled this issue so far? (if at all).
> Regards,
> Ben

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