Lm_sensors Support DB Entry #849

Boi Sletterink boi at kbs.twi.tudelft.nl
Mon May 20 01:34:11 CEST 2002


another update on my previously reported problem (Ticket # 849).

I finally got around to checking out my mainboard and it seems that it has
an ICS 94228 (rev. 8) clock generator. The good news is that you can find
the datasheet online: http://www.icst.com/products/summary/via_kt266.htm

After reading a bit, I found that it is indeed programmable through the I2C
bus. However, it is rather strange that it is supposed to be on address 0xd2
instead of 0x4e, where the non-existing lm75 was detected. Then again, I
don't know much about I2C so I might be wrong here...


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