[lm-sensors] TX97

frodol at dds.nl frodol at dds.nl
Mon Nov 11 22:33:56 CET 2002

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Do you still have your Asus TX97 motheboard working and in use? I am
> trying to set a correct default configuration for the lm75 chip in
> sensors.conf.eg. I personnaly own a TX97-E motherboard, and I also saw a
> ticket (#625) reporting values for a TX97.

Nope, I don't have a TX97 anymore. My smallest computer now is my server,
with an ABIT BE6 motherboard. Sorry...
> And you seemd to pretend (ticket #164) that the default config was
> working fine for you, so I'm a bit lost. Do you confirm that?

What I remember is that it worked fine. But motherboards tend to differ
in their revisions, even going as far as having completely different
chips, so this might be the reason.

Good luck,

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