LM sensor for ASM 58 chip

Shejith shejithp at hclinsys.com
Tue Nov 12 04:15:45 CET 2002

Dear Support,
   For writting a driver what are all the information I have to get from ASUS.
Thanks and regards
Shejith P.P

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Subject:	LM sensor for ASM 58 chip

Hi Sensor Support,
    I want to install LM sensor in an asus motherboard.
My hardware monitoring chip is ASM 58 . 
I have insttalled LM sensor 2.6.5 , sensor chop is not getting sensed.

Is it currently supported. ?
If no pls let me know how to create a driver for ASM 58.
What are parameters we need to know for making a driver for ASM 58.
Is there any other compatible driver.

Thanks in advance
Shejith P.P

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