FW: Fix for problems with the Intel 82810 driver of lm-sensors

Michael Dreher michael at 5dot1.de
Wed Nov 13 01:30:41 CET 2002


Some days ago, I sent a patch for the i2c-i810 driver to Frodo Looijaard,
he has written this driver but maybe I used an old address, or he's just
so I got no reply from him.

I also sent the mail to some people that had problems with the driver and I
got a positive feedback from David Michael <dave at drinkfromthefurrycup.com>.
He said, that the patched driver fixes his problems.

Attached, you will find my original mail with the patch included. it would
be nice if you could incorporate my changes to one of the next versions
of lm-sensors.

In the meanwhile I finished a first version of my fs451 driver. Could you
please assign me an official driverid for my driver in i2c/kernel/i2c-id.h?
I used the constant named I2C_DRIVERID_FS451 for the driverid. When my
is ready to be released, I will send that driver to you.

  Best Regards

     Michael Dreher
     <michael at 5dot1.de>

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An: Frodo Looijaard; alp_chen at hotmail.com;
dave at drinkfromthefurrycup.com; ppignon at eprocess.fr
Betreff: Fix for problems with the Intel 82810 driver of lm-sensors

Hi Frodo!

I bought a MediaPortal some weeks ago. This is a SetTopBox with a DVB card
can be also used as a WebBrowser. It's based on a standard PC with a Celeron
CPU and a Intel 82810 Chipset. To improve the tv-out capabilities a Focus
chip is also integrated. This chip has similar functions than the bt869 that
already supported by lm-sensors.

The FS450 chip is connected to the i2c bus of the 82810. My problem was,
the i2c-i810 module detected my 82810 chipset (device ID 0x7121), but
i2cdetect and i2cdump never detected any i2c devices, neither on the
i2c bus, nor on the ddc bus.

I tried to figure out where the problem and read some parts of the smbus and
Intel 82810 specs. I came to the conclusion, that something is wrong with
direction of the sda and probably the scl lines of the bus. The driver
assumes, that when a line is set to high it is the same as setting it to
input mode, but this is not correct, at least not for my specific chipset.

Here I send you a diff and my version of the i2c-i810.c file that fixed my
In the support forum, I found the support tickets #419, #615 and #728 that
may be fixed
with the patch, therefore I also send this mail to the originators of that
The base for my patch was lm-sensors 2.6.4 and I'm using kernel 2.4.19 and
i2c 2.6.4.

To the originators of the support tickets:
Please let me know if this solves your problems. The MediaPortal is my only
with a 82810 chipset, so I can't do much testing.

  Best Regards

    Michael Dreher
    <michael at 5dot1.de>
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